A Donor Decision Tool- Due Diligence


A Donor Decision Tool- Due Diligence at a fixed price!

We provide a due diligence report for foundations and donors, of the Israeli NGOs they currently support or are considering supporting, while maintaining complete anonymity.

The review based on our best practices philosophy,  examines both technical requirements such as correct registration and reporting to the tax authorities, and other key issues including board oversight, donor management, employee turnover, crisis management and sexual harassment procedures. Also included is an on-the-ground site visit to observe the NGO in action.

Areas under review:

  • Legal status
  • Financial status
  • Liquidity Planning
  • Board involvement and oversight
  • Donor management
  • Management competencies
  • Press coverage and social media presence
  • Management of employees
  • Management of volunteers
  • Competition
  • Services rendered to target population (including site visit to NGO)
  • Other specific areas of inquiry, as requested by donor/foundation

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The report, which examines the areas under review listed above,  will be completed within 20 working days. Upon confirming the order of the report, a signed non-disclosure agreement will be sent to the foundation or donor. The identity of the foundation/donor will not be released without explicit prior written approval from said foundation/donor.

Upon request, and for an additional agreed upon fee, we can  review the capabilities of the NGO to successfully implement a specific project for which funding may be provided.


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