Pricing & Process


We make every effort to keep our pricing structure low and in line with a nonprofit budget. The cost estimate depends on the size of the NGO, the organizational structure, and the scope of the consulting project.

Our pricing structure is based on an hourly rate, and we will provide an estimate of the number of hours required. We understand that efficiency  is critical, as NGOs are often waiting for funding, which may be contingent on our report. We aim to complete reports, including research and writing, within two to three weeks.

What is the process?

1. We require two initial conversations before providing a cost estimate.

A. A conversation with the donor and/or foundation to clearly define the goals, scope and expectations of the report.

B. A short conversation with the General Manager (CEO מנכ”ל) of the NGO, to confirm their understanding of the process, as well as their commitment to cooperation and allocation of time.

2. Following the initial conversations, we provide a cost estimate. Both the estimate and our work reflect the fact that nonprofits operate are under tight time and budget constraints. We stay focused on ways to significantly improve the NGOs operation, as well as identifying pertinent issues that threaten the stability of the NGO.

3. After signing a contract, a down payment is requested.

4. We then begin the necessary groundwork, including in-depth, as needed, meetings with employees, management, accountants, beneficiaries of the NGO’s services and board members to create a full picture of the current health, past history and future prospects of the organization.  We may need to observe the NGO in action and/or review historical documents to round out this picture. This data is then recorded and analyzed in order to produce the report.

5. The final stage is generating a clear, comprehensive and user-friendly report containing recommendations for the NGO.

6. If needed, we provide assistance in implementing the report’s recommendations.